Grab those ideas/lyrics before they get away

capture image

Good post here on capturing ideas before they vanish.

The capturing of ideas — i.e. getting them out of your head and into an actionable system — is a wildly important aspect of the GTD methodology, and is crucial to productivity in general.

Of course, it’s much harder to get these ideas out of your head and into an actionable system if you don’t have tools at your fingertips.

As part of the soon-to-be-posted back-to-school series on productivity tips, I’ll profile one tool from this article that has become my go-to GTD app. It’s called iGTD, and — as the article above mentions — is a fantastic Mac-based piece of software that integrates simply into your workflow; particularly when paired with the King of all productivity apps, Quicksilver.

The article lists a bunch of other ways to capture ideas; such as, another of my faves, Backpack, and one that no songwriter should be without: a cheap voice recorder.

Check out the whole list, and start capturing your ideas and getting them into an actionable system.

PS: The image above is from the fantastic blog called Aunty Cookie. I hope the author does not mind me using this image, but, if so, please contact me and I’ll immediately take it down.


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