Readings that Resonate: The Art of the Start on Schmoozing

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I wrote an article on the ethics of networking a while back for Artists House Music, basically it expands upon an idea presented by Merlin Mann on his blog 43 Folders in which Mr. Mann states:

… the heart of ethical and humane networking means not asking favors of others, but instead frequently doing unrequested propers for others. And expecting zilch in return.

I’d like to now augment this idea with some words from Guy Kawasaki’s book, The Art of the Start.

Kawasaki quotes from Darcy Rezac’s book The Frog and the Prince, and states:

Networking is discovering what you can do for someone else.

I love this definition, and feel it really sums up how to develop long-lasting business relationships (probably works for personal relationships too). It also obviates any ethical concerns with regards to networking when you are using someone as a means to an end, rather than viewing them—ethically—as an end of themselves.


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