OT: Charger station in a box

I LOVE this!

cord box 1

While I’m not terribly handy with the old power tools (and, yes, in my mind an x-acto knife is a power tool), I think I’m going to give this a try. Gotta get rid of these damn power cords that seem to be multiplying all over my work space.

  1. André’s avatar

    Hey George that looks like a great project, gotta hate those wall-warts. I remember seeing a programmable rack-mount wall-wart replacement in Mix sometime ago but can’t seem to find the link anymore.

    Be careful with the heat building up in there though, I recently had a USB hub’s wall wart literally explode and melt. No harm done, though now I’ve got a smoke detector right next to my wall wart collection and an extra power switch to turn them all off when not in use.



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