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I’m a sucker for pastoral pop — The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society, being the bar to which all others must aspire — and I’ve recently come upon a very fine example of said underappreciated genre.

The Clientele are not a new band, but their 2005 release Strange Geometry was my first introduction to them. It radiates Spring, and perhaps this is why the impeccable Merge Records has decided to issue their new album, God Save the Clientele, right in the middle of May. (You can stream the record from the Clientele’s website.)

So, find some bucolic place to frolic this Spring and allow it to be your own soundtrack before they become part of a Wes Anderson soundtrack, as they surely must.

The Clientele “Since K Got Over Me”:
the clinetele since k got over me

Very nice write up entitled Raising money for your startup over at the Curious Office Partners’ blog.

Bands (and music ventures in general) too often fail to recognize that they are in fact businesses, and could benefit from some strategic thinking. To some it seems a stretch (or heretical) to apply business strategy to music ventures, and I think this type of thinking (or lack thereof) goes a long way to explaining the sorry state of most music ventures.

Anyhoo…here are some topic headings from the article that jumped out at me; I hope you find that they apply to music ventures:

Go as far as you can as fast as you can before you raise your first dollar

Raising money is about people…not money

The whole post is just fantastic, and well worth a read.

I particularly like the last item on the list, which covers how bad and ineffective most PowerPoint presentations are. While the author correctly advises those preparing their pitches to spend their time on the product, inevitably, a PowerPoint presentation will be created. Given this axiomatic compulsion for the PPT, I highly recommend you have a look at Guy Kawasaki’s brilliant post on how to create a meaningful PPT presentation.

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