bootstrapping 101: business cards

moo biz cards

I’m going to write the occasional post on bootstrapping, as it seems to be something I’m constantly either involved in or teaching/writing about. I’m going to focus on the products and strategies you can use at the early stages when money is tight (when is it not).

Like most everything else on this blog, the focus will be maximizing your efficiency to allow you to blast through those small open loops to get to the bigger issues.

One of the annoying loops that tends to stay open at the beginning of a venture is related to business cards. This may seem a trivial thing, but it’s not. Your business card says a LOT about you. If it’s too staid, people think you’re a lawyer. If it’s too creative, people think your flaky. If you don’t have one, people think you’re not serious. However, designing and printing up a lot of business cards can be a significant expense.

I recently came across a company called Moo that nicely solves the business card dilemma.

For twenty bucks you get 100 cards that you can customize with your own photos. Their interface allows you to pick a font and type color/size, and basically create a professional looking business card that still reflects your innate creativity.

And at $20, you can experment a bit until you hit the right concept.

Check it out.


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