One of my favorite new tools on the interweb is called Tourfilter. It allows you to enter a list of artists who you’d like to keep track of, and Tourfilter provides you with an updated list of where they’re playing.

Currently it covers venues in 23 cities, but seems to be growing rapidly.

Additionally, there is a very interesting set of adjunct features that I imagine the designer will begin connecting. For instance, once you create an account, in addition to keeping track of gigs for artists you’re interested in, you can also see other Tourfilter members who are interested in the same artists, and, by clicking on their user name, check out which artists they’re tracking.

This is very similar to the social bookmarking technique used by, among others,, but specifically for music. Perhaps this leads to profile pages where Tourfilter members can connect, etc. Or, perhaps, the site just stays true to its excellent core competency and helps us keep track of bands coming through town.

The site, built on Ruby on Rails, works wonderfully, and is getting a lot of well-deserved attention.

I’m trying to determine how bands can get listed on Tourfilter, and will report back.


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