example of creativity and technology merging

miranda july web photo 2
The very creative (filmmaker, author, musician) Miranda July, perhaps best known for her recent film, Me and You and Everyone We Know, has created this wonderfully creative website for her new book of short stories, No One Belongs Here More Than You.

While it’s decidedly clever, it’s also humanizing and wildly sticky. It’s being blogged about all over the place (I came upon it via Signal vs. Noise).

While July mentions that it took her a while to create this site; it wasn’t for the typical reasons (i.e. flaky coders, design issues, etc.). No, it was because she found that it took a while to erase the marker from the top of her refrigerator (moving to the stove obviated the problem).

These are frankly the types of problems we should have. July has inadvertanly shown what we can only hope will be the future of web design (at least web design for promotional sites such as this one). The focus is on the message, the message is easily created, and thus allows for the messenger to worry about the content rather than the code.



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