April 2007

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I recently discovered a way to sort my Entourage contents via last correspondence date.

What this means is that you can quickly determine which unnecessary contacts you have gumming up your Address book, and quickly get rid of them.

Let’s put it this way, if you haven’t sent an email to someone in over a year, chances are you ain’t never going to send them another one.

To sort by last correspondence date do the following:
1. In Entourage, tab to your Address Book
2. Display the Last Correspondence column: View -> Select Columns -> Last Correspondence
3. Highlight the Last Correspondence column to sort it by date.

From there, you can delete away.

Unclutterer is a cool new blog that provides tips on organizing your home and work space.

While here at 9GS I focus on organizing your mind, certainly it’s easier to organize your mind when you’re not stubbing your toe on the pile of magazines in the middle of the living room.

One of my favorite Unclutterer posts involves using a scanner to relieve your paper clutter. I would add to this post that while scanning is a great first step, you need a way to organize the docs once they’re scanned in.

I’m a big proponent of Yep, which I got into back when it was called Kip. It’s no longer free, but is really worth the price of admission to keep all your current, and soon-to-be-scanned docs.

Anyway, check Unclutterer out, lots of good tips there. Cool design too.

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