Google Notebook


I will refrain from running on about my love for all things Google App, but I will not refrain from professing my love for the new Google Notebook.

As if they read my mind (perhaps they did), Google has created an application that, when combined with its Firefox plug in allows me to do what I’ve wanted to do efficiently for so long, but have heretofore had to take a byzantine path to accomplish; that is, grab little bits of information from web pages that I visit, and store that information in a centralized place so that when I’m ready to start assimilating the data, it’s all there, rather than all over the place.

Certainly this gathering of web ephemera can be accomplished without Google Notebook, and I’ve used everything from Quicksilver’s shelf and its append text to a text file action, to pulling urls into Word docs, to the Clip Firefox extension, but nothing has really done the trick….until now.

With Google Notebook and the Firefox extension, I have a little window in the bottom right of my browser (it can also be detached), where I can quickly and painlessly add whatever I want. This could be a URL, or an image, or some text, or an idea that I have…whatever.

Here’s what it looks like:

google notebook[click image to +/-]

Once I enter this info it gets (automatically) saved and uploaded to my Google Notebook homepage.

Now, I can gather information snippets amazingly quickly without interupting my work flow. When I’m ready I just go to my Google Notebook home page, and start using the snippets for whatever I’m working on.

This tool is huge for bloggers, students, researchers, etc. Now if only they’d make the Google apps play nice with Safari.


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