Adding a Finetune music stream to your WordPress blog

finetune playlist

Here’s a quick and easy technique to add streaming music to the sidebar of your WordPress blog.

1. Set up a Finetune account and create a playlist.

2. Under your playlist options, click on “embed playlist.” This will generate code. Copy this code.

3. If you haven’t already, download and install the WordPress Widget application.

4. Go to your Presentation page in your WP admin, and then click on the Sidebar Widget tab. Pull in a “text” widget from the pool of widgets in the bottom up to the Main Sidebar area.

5. Click on the lines on the right side of the text Widget bar. This opens up an edit window. In the “title” area, type in whatever you want to appear above your playlist. In the larger blank space below, paste in the code from Finetune that you copied in step two. Close and save the changes.

View your site, and you should now see (and hear) your Finetune playlist in your sidebar.

When you’re ready to change the streaming music, just create a new Finetune playlist, and grab the new code, and change it out in your sidebar widget.

You can an example of this in the sidebar on this blog.

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