GTD: Quicksilver trigger to check Entourage mail

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While I’m on a productivity kick, I thought I’d talk about my most recent Quicksilver epiphany.

While anyone who uses Entourage knows that you can check for new email by hitting the Apple key and the “K” key, this only works when Entourage is your active window. There are times, when I’m working on something, and I want to check to see if a message has come in, but don’t want to interrupt my work flow and bring the Entourage window to the front, and then hit Apple K to check for new mail.

Wouldn’t it be great, I thought, if I could check my Entourage mail by hitting Apple K even when Entourage isn’t the active window.

Enter Quicksilver.

First, I created the following very simple script:

tell application “Microsoft Entourage”
execute schedule “Send & Receive All”
end tell

Then saved the script in the ~/Scripts folder. Finally, I assigned this script to a QS trigger (in my case, Apple K), and am now able to check for new mail from whichever application I’m in.

Sorry for the geek out, but the productivity raising factor of this little script was just so high for me that I couldn’t resist.

Of course, increased productivity allows for more time to be creative.

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