John Vanderslice on The Merlin Show

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Oft-mentioned productivity guru Merlin Mann of 43Folders has added a new feature to his blog called The Merlin Show.

Basically it’s a video blog (I have so much trouble calling them “vlogs”). It launched this week, and it looks great. So far he’s straddling a very compelling line of interviewing interesting people in the tech world and in the music world. There’s quite an overlap.

A recent guest on the show is John Vanderslice, who sort of epitomizes this music/tech nexus.

In the interview, Mr. Vanderslice speaks compellingly about the difficult (though inexorable) transition today’s artists make in adapting from the old/label paradigm, to the new/content-creator-direct-to-customer paradigm. Not surprisingly, Mr. Vanderslice bemoans the lack of advances in this system.

Cash flow/liquidity is definitely one of the short-term hurdles that artists today face. Here’s hoping that efficiencies obviate this, because I promise you those advances are the most expensive loans most artists will ever take.

Anyway, check out Merlin’s interview of Vanderslice here.


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