OT: Wayne Coyne on Optimism

Wayne coyne

NPR has a brief, nicely-stated essay from Flaming Lips frontman, Wayne Coyne.

I really don’t want to pull it apart too much, because it doesn’t need it. But one paragraph struck me as interesting in a different way then perhaps Mr. Coyne intended.

He talks about how he worked at Long John Silver’s for 11 years. While he doesn’t say when those 11 years were, given the fact that Mr. Coyne’s not that old, and that the Lips have been around for some time, one has to assume that those 11 years at LJS overlapped with his playing in the Flaming Lips.

I think emergent artists often feel that their dead-end jobs are somehow keeping them from attaining success with their art. Mr. Coyne, however, notes that this particular dead-end job:

“…freed my mind. The job allowed me to dream about what my life could become.”

We’re all over-burdened with too many things that distract us from what we really want to be doing; things that can be viewed as obstacles to our creative output. (The point of this blog, is, in some respects, to help artists be more efficient with all aspects of their life, and therefore have more creative space and energy).

However, as Mr. Coyne so clearly reminds us, we find our moments of inspiration and creativity where we find them, and yes, that is Zen, but it’s also pragmatic.

If Mr. Coyne could find a way to free his mind, while working at Long John Silver’s, to such a degree that he was able to create works like Zaireeka, none of us really have any excuses.


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