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How to Find Your Creative Zen is an interesting post that speaks to the idea of balancing your left (organizational) brain with your right (creative) brain. Once this balance is obtained, you’re able to enter that creative Zen zone where you’re really flowing.

Obtaining this Zen flow allows for all sorts of productivity, because you’re balancing your creativity with your productivity (sort of the theme of this blog).

The problem, as the blog post points out, is that we really don’t give the right brain the exercise it needs. Given the amount of producing we have to do these days, the creative element often gets short-shrifted.

The blog’s author, Chris Pearson, suggests that stream-of-consciousness writing is one great way to give that right brain the exercise it needs.

Stream-of-consciousness writing is basically allowing whatever is in your head to come out on the paper (or electronic document) unfettered by the ordering process of the left brain.

I think this is a wonderful idea, and I would only add that I believe many song-writers do their own variation of stream-of-consciousness writing all the time.

Many songwriters (myself included), for instance, when coming up with a song will sing “nonsense” words over an instrumental melody. Over time, the nonsense words began take shape, and a song emerges. This process works, I believe, because of this Zen state that occurs when the right brain and left brain began working in sync.

I would therefore suggest, that many musicians (and other artists) have an advantage in business over non-artists, because they can access this Zen flow with much greater ease than the non-artist.

Many business people feel constrained by their perceived inability to be creative. Artists, on the other hand, often feel constrained by their perceived inability to be strategic.

The key, of course, is the nexus between the two, and exercising that right brain. Artists do this all the time, others would benefit from doing it more often.

[via Lifehacker]


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