Worth Hearing: Podington Bear

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…And is there ever a lot to hear. Podington Bear makes fantastically beautiful ambient instrumental music.

That alone makes it worth hearing, but, Podington Bear doesn’t just release the occasional track….far from it. The prolific bear releases a new song every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and makes them available via podcast…for free.

I’ve been listening all morning, and I haven’t hit anything that remotely resembles a clunker yet.

I love the music, I love the concept, and I think it really speaks to emergent models. Podington Bear is building a community around his music, and while the economic driver might not be obvious, he mentions he is amenable to his music being used in film and ads. I can see this happening. I would so much rather hear Podington Bear’s music as a bed than most of the crap ad agencies are using.

Check out this recently released track:
Podington Bear Steppin’ In
Steppin’ In

Note also that Podington Bear runs his site on WordPress. I’ve been recently suggesting that more artists use this fantastic platform. I really dig the look and feel Podington Bear’s WordPress theme.

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