WordPress Themes

I’ve been (pleasantly) surprised by the interest in my little list of WordPress Plug-Ins that I keep in the Productivity Apps section of the blog, and it’s encouraged me to write about WordPress in the hopes that it gets more artists to take the plunge and start their own blog/website using WordPress — in addition to (or as opposed to) relying on MySpace.

So, in this post, I want to talk about WordPress themes.

One of the greatest aspects of WP is the way you can effortlessly change themes. Themes give your blog/website its look. You can get a feel for the vast array of themes you can choose from here.

The theme that I use for 9GiantSteps is called Tarski (after Alfred Tarski the logician and mathematician, I suppose).

I love it for its simplicity, ease of use, and because they’ve got a great forum where any questions/problems you might have regarding the theme are usually answered very quickly (I’m a frequent asker of questions).

Other themes I really like are:

• The magazine layout theme of Gridlock

gridlock [click to +/-]

• The two-column simplicity of Kiss.

kiss theme [click to +/-]

• The elegance of the Water theme.

water theme
[click to +/-]

• The structural clarity found in Lowstream.

lowstream theme [click to +/-]

Of course, you can also build custom themes, and radically change existent themes to suit your needs, but with so many great designs out there to choose from, it shouldn’t be hard to find one that fits both your pragmatic and aesthetic needs.

Got some favorite themes of your own, I’d love to see them.


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