Sound Advice: Ezrin, “It’s about being something real”

bob ezrin

Some very cogent words of wisdom from one of the record industry’s legends, Bob Ezrin.

Speaking at an industry event in Nova Scotia, Ezrin stated:

“…people in the music business can’t simply find new ways to do old things. “The old way of doing things is gone. We’re not at the tipping point, we’re on the other side.”

“It’s about being something real. . . people need to change their goals in order to survive as entertainers.”

“At the end of the day, it’s about live performance. You’ve got to play. What no one can steal is your direct relationship with the audience, you can’t duplicate that love affair.”

Innovation and outside-the-box strategy is really what this blog is all about (and, of course the way technology can improve your efficiency, and thus allow you to both create more music and get that music heard by more people).

Mr. Ezrin is correct, but far from this being a depressing statement, it’s really one that shows the reality of the situation, and therefore pushes us towards progress.

I’ve written and spoken a lot on the topic of the importance of the live gig.

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You can view more of my articles and videos (and articles and videos from an array of experts) at Artists House Music.

It’s wonderful to see someone of Mr. Ezrin’s stature speaking so frankly about the industry.


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