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Here’s a pretty darn good deal if you’re looking to get into recording your own music, but are unsure of what set up you need.

While they sort of push this as more of a podcasting setup, I think it would also work really well for songwriters looking to make good sounding demos and/or records (the line is getting more blurry by the day).

What’s missing here — and why they’re advertising it as a podcast tool rather than a music recording set up — is a decent I/O (that is, a way to get the sound into the computer). While they’ve bundled this package with a USB device to hook your included microphone into your computer, which will be fine for recording spoken word, it’s not going to work that well for music.

I would therefore recommend something like the Mbox if you want to record music. It will not only give you more than one channel (so that you can record more than one instrument at a time), but — more importantly — a mic pre-amp, that boosts the signal coming in from your mic. This is really important in terms of audio fidelity. Yes, it’s going to increase the price of getting started by about $300, but you’re still under $2k, and you’ll really be set up to do some damage.

In addition to the I/O device (the Mbox), you also get a basic version of the ProTools software. While I’ve become more and more of a fan of Apple’s GarageBand (which comes free with the computer), ProTools is still the industry standard, and is a good thing to know how to use.

My only caveat about this is to make sure you get at least a gig of RAM installed on the Mac. Anything less, and you’ll be frustrated with the slowness of the computer.

  1. Andre Engelhardt’s avatar

    Hey that’s a really great find George and indeed with an Mbox and Pro Tools this is definitely a killer deal! Oh and if you like Garage Band and feel limited try Logic Express sometime, free trial is on Apple’s site. ~André


  2. gah650’s avatar

    Great tip, André, thanks. Here’s the link to the LE free trial:





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