Music Awards

No, not the Grammy Awards (I really don’t have much to say about that… nice the Dixie Chicks won, I suppose; real lack of rock; would have preferred to have seen more than one Police song, and less than ten thousand Justin Timberlake performances), the PLUG Independent Music Awards.

The PLUG award winners were announced today, and it makes for some interesting reading/listening.

As the site states:

PLUG is different from all of the institutional accolades for the music industry – the American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Radio Music Awards, GRAMMY Awards, Teen Choice Awards, MTV Music Awards, etc. etc. Those are all devoted to recognizing the mainstream hits. Very rarely do these honors reach, let alone embrace, independent music or the community of artists and fans who now represent more than 25% of the global music market. We’re a community that thinks for ourselves – we don’t take our cues from mainstream media or marketing.

PLUG is about the independent music community coming together to recognize our own.

PLUG is about the artists who inspire and the music that disrupts the artistic and corporate mediocrity that dominates our culture.

We’ve discovered these records on blogs, in magazine blurbs, fanzines, recommendations from our local record store, in IM conversations, in links from friends and passionate testimonials overheard in line outside a club.

Some of their winners:

Band of Horses won best album of the year honors.

Neko Case won best female artist.

Thom Yorke’s The Eraser won the Electronic/Dance Album of the year.

I frankly would have enjoyed watching this awards show a bit more than the Grammy’s (Ornette Coleman’s speech, and Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss’ induction notwithstanding).


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