GTD: Morning productivity


While I know that morning and rock-and-roll is sort of an oxymoron, I’ll let you define morning as you wish…. Perhaps morning for you is 2 to 3 in the afternoon. Whatever the case, the Open Loops website has an interesting post on getting things done in the morning so that you can clear the rest of the day (and your head) to accomplish your bigger projects.

Put simply, the site’s author Bert Webb states:

The early morning is the time that we have the most control over our day. We need to use it to handle more important tasks that may be dropped by the wayside as more urgent, but less important, tasks and situations present themselves

I find this works remarkably well for me. If I have a productive morning, it tends to be a productive day. If on the other hand, I churn uselessly for the morning hours, I tend to not get anything done the entire day.

One point that I think is particularly well-made is the idea of using part of your morning productivity time to choose a task to work on the following morning. This helps you keep your next actions flowing, and helps you to establish (and achieve) your goals.

Lots more good info on the site, so check it out.

[via Lifehacker]


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