sound advice: 37 Signals (as usual) tells it like it is

37 signals logo

One of my favorite companies, 37signals has a very insightful post on its blog regarding getting things done with small groups.

I’m a big proponent of the power of small groups, and certainly this is relevant to most bands, start-up labels, etc. While the post itself is deceptively simple, my stealth hope is that by linking to 37signals, you’ll spend some time checking out their tools (please look at Basecamp), and start learning about their philosophy.

Specifically, take the time to download and read the free sample chapters from their excellent book, Getting Real.

While you may pause to wonder what a book detailing strategy to build efficient web applications has to do with music or the music business, it should become clear to you very soon.

Hint: if you don’t think putting records out these days is essentially similar to working with web applications, you’re not thinking clearly (imho).


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