An “Other” way to download music

other music
Wired’s music blog is reporting that East Village mainstay, and one of the greatest record stores ever, Other Music is soon to launch its own digital music store. While not yet launched, you can register here, and they’ll alert you once they’re up and running.

Expect high-quality mp3 downloads of expertly selected innovative music.

In addition to the announcement, Wired has a great interview w/ Josh Madell, who is one of the co-owners of Other Music. Among his many interesting thoughts, this one regarding Apple/iTunes and eMusic jumped out at me:

A lot of this business has grown around the iTunes model, and in the end that may not be the best for artists and labels.

Apple makes their real money selling iPods, not music; the music is almost a loss leader to get folks to buy the players, and that can’t be ideal for artists’ concerns. But nobody wants to bite the hand that feeds. EMusic is complicated too. They are perhaps the biggest force distributing indie music online, but with their subscription model, the labels are paid a fraction of what they make for a sale on iTunes or at a shop like ours.

It’s really worth reading the whole article, and be sure to sign up to be informed when the store goes live, you’re sure to discover something cool.


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