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Bruce Warren is one of the unsung heroes of music. For years he has been the program director/DJ at Philly’s great radio station WXPN. He’s been an early champion of pretty much all of the artists who fall into that space somewhere between indie rock and classic rock. Too often described as “singer/songwriter” music (as if that’s a bad thing), Bruce and XPN actually challenge their listeners with very adventurous music all the time.

Eventually this music becomes familiar to us, and we forget that at one point it took a set of ears that had the ability to predict that, given the right exposure, something that initially appears to only have marginal appeal could actually reach a wide audience. David Gray, My Morning Jacket, and countless others are examples of these types of artists who were initially thought of as being certainly-not-ready-for-mainstream-consumption until people like Bruce began educating listeners.

To me, this is what makes radio great, and what continues to make radio relevant. Basically, the best radio is a trusted source. Something we need in an age of info overload.

Well, not to rest on his laurels, Bruce is alo getting the word out via the more current medium of a blog, and – not surprisingly – it’s a good one. So, if you’re on the hunt for some good new music, with great commentary, head on over to Some Velvet Blog. You’ll be glad you did.


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