sound advice: tour early and often


There’s a nice article from my friend, Mike King, up on the Artist House website about the importance of touring. I worry that, more and more, artists are spending their time trying to craft the perfect demo in their ProTools studio, instead of actually getting out there and making emotional connections with an audience.

It used to be that if you wanted to make a record, you had to play as many gigs as you could to afford studio time, and after that money was spent, you sort of had to get the record out there so that you could play more gigs to repeat the process. With ProTools, however, people can tinker non-stop in their home studio. This worries me. Music needs air in order to really come together. It needs to be performed, and it needs to be released. Recording is not a static process, but a dynamic one that is influenced by many things; most significantly, imho, getting out there and playing and getting a visceral response.

Make those records. Make them good. But then get them out there. Sell them from the stage. Build a fan base, and then make more and better records. Don’t keep it hidden.


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